Damascus uses the existing infrastructure of the local church to solve a host of logistical problems that plague the traditional transition model. We have partnered with 4 churches in Cherokee County who will provide housing on their church campuses and food to the mentors and candidates throughout the duration of the program. This not only connects great need to untapped local resource, but also fosters unity within the local body and offers community to all involved. 



Men are chosen via an application process presented to them during their incarceration at the local jail. At this time, applications will only be available to men who have been selected to join the Work Force during their sentence. 



Once accepted and before release, Damascus arranges a job for the candidates. Upon release, they are picked up by their mentor and provided with a warm meal, clothing, and sleeping arrangements. The men live at 4 different churches over an 8 week period with their mentor, where the local body provides food and shelter. Weekdays include work and servant leadership. Weekends are devoted to rest, teaching, and discipleship. On Sunday evenings we celebrate what God is doing with all who desire to join at a Family Banquet.


The men are immersed in discipleship from the very beginning. The Damascus mentors are trained to be intentional in pointing them towards Jesus, as He is our source of freedom in all things. Some of the source material includes Forgiving Forward by Bruce Hebel, The Cure by John Lynch, Shame Off You by Alan Wright, and Humility by Andrew Murray.