Reason #1

The normal transition program for anyone coming out of addiction or incarceration is broken.

The approach of isolating men from society for 12-24 months outside of their workplace and home may satiate the issue for that time period, but is only a temporary fix. Coping mechanisms for past woundings and sin-management techniques for future failures only modify behaviours until circumstances become impossible to manage. We believe that the only solution to our problems and pain is found in Jesus Christ.



Men shelters in Cherokee County 


Success Rate of a Traditional Rehab



National Average Recidivism Rate

Reason #2

There are no men's shelters in Cherokee County.

Cherokee County does not have a single facility for men who need immediate shelter. The closest men’s shelters are in Cartersville and Marietta. While Damascus is not currently a fully operational men’s shelter, it does provide a viable option for men coming out of the local jail who know they will be facing a state of homelessness when they are released. More importantly, Damascus is a scalable program and could potentially house an unlimited number of individuals as more partner churches come on board. Our model removes the limits that exorbitant overhead in facilities and operational cost create.

Reason #3

The cost for any existing transition programs around the state are extremely high and unrealistic in proportion to need. 

A traditional transition program for men can range anywhere from $2,000 - $25,000 for programs that last between 2 weeks and 24 months. Even the more affordable programs are not a viable option for many men coming out of correctional facilities. Damascus desires to offer transition services free of charge to candidates, as it uses existing infrastructure and charitable donations to operate.




Because of the high cost of transition programs, the lack of resource for the men within our county, and the broken model of transition that we have today, Damascus was born. Through the connection of great need to untapped local resource within the local Church, we hope that men who are apart of our community will find not only immediate needs met, but that they will find complete freedom in the personhood and life of Jesus Christ.